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In the Apollo Victoria theatre, London (StEx theatre!) There's said to be a ghost who sits in Row Q, up in the balcony. the theatre used to be a cinema, when it was built in 1920s. When they convertyed it to a theatre, the back 10 rows of the balcony had no view of the stage, so they were curtained off, leaving all the seats there, dusty, behind these curtains. I remember seeing these seats when I was 11.
The Ghost is meant to sit in Row Q, which is the second back row of the curtained off seats. These seats had been left there for over 15 years, untouched, until the 30th October...
EVERYTHING that could go wrong, went wrong that night (A musical all on rollerskates, a lot can go wrong!!!) We went up to the balcony in the interval, and they'd gutted all the seats- within the previous week, 'cos we'd looked up there the week before. Also, October 30th may ring a bell, 'cos RENT and Miss Saigon both closed that night as well.... It could all be co-incidence, of course, or it could be a mightily irritated Ghost, who's lost his seat!

*Special thanks to Pullman Belle for this story.

This is something that happened to me when I was 9 years old. Well, first the thing you must know about me is I HATE the sound of clocks ticking....There was a clock on my wall that my grandmother made when I was younger. and since I hated the ticking sound I took the batteries out and just kept it on the wall as decoration. Well my grandmother died in a car accident the next year. One night a couple weeks after her death, I woke up in the middle of the night because I could hear the clock ticking. I got up and assumed that someone had put batteries in it without telling me and i just hadn't noticed earlier. I took it off the wall to take the batteries out, and was shocked to see that there were no batteries in it. The hands were moving, the clock was ticking, but the batteries were gone. I ran out of the room terrified and made my dad put it in the attic. It's still up there I think.

*Special thanks to MLE for this story.