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~It was a dark rainy night in the 1800's. A doctor was just getting out of a patient's house. It was late and very stormy, so he decided it was time to be getting home to bed. As he was walking down the street, a little girl, not over the age of 10, wearing a small yellow raincoat approached him. She asked him to come to her house to treat her sick mother. He kindly told her that he was tired and needed to get some sleep. She pleaded with him, telling him that she was very sick and needed him. He finally gave in and visited the mother. He treated her and nursed her back to health. He told her that had her daughter not found him, the woman would have passed away. She looked at him strangely and told him that her only daughter had been dead for 4 years, her raincoat was in the cabinet. The doctor walked over to the cabinet, and pulled out the same coat the little girl he had seen earlier was wearing. It was warm and dry.~

~There was a man who sold jewelry on the streets. There was another man, he was a robber. The jeweler knew the man was a robber, and one day he asked him, "why have you never robbed me?" The robber replied to him, "because you have policemen on either sides of you." The robber was seeing angels that were protecting the innocent merchant.~

Special Thanks to Vicky Demeter Cat for these stories