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The Ghost Bride

A man who grew up in St. Augustine recently died. Reaching the age of 80 he had expierenced many things. He related this strange tale.
When he was a young boy he & his friends would dare each other to enter the Tolomato cemetary at night. One evening they decided to spend the entire night in the cemetary.
That night in the cemetary the boys were telling ghost stories. As they were talking they saw a young woman dressed in white moving among the stones. They described her as a bride. As she got closer they became frightened & ran home as fast as they could, never looking back.
No one is quite sure who she was. No one is quite sure why she remains in Tolomato. Could she be the same spirit seen at the Southern Inn Hotel?

The Abbott Mansion

A beautiful late 19th century home in called the Abbott Mansion is said to possess the spirit of none other than its namesake, Lucy Abbott. Lucy was the driving force behind the development of the Abbott Tract shortly after the Civil War. Residents who inhabited the home during the time it was an apartment building have felt Lucy's presence & some have seen her passing in the hallways.

In 1821 there was a massive yellow fever epidemic in St. Augustine. Many who are buried in the Huguenot Cemetery died during this epidemic. Some have seen Elizabeth standing near the city gates. She is believed to be one of the victims that fell to the fever. So, if you see a young teenage girl just say hello, it may be Elizabeth.

At EDINBURGH CASTLE PUB, employees and patrons alike have said they feel they're in the presence of an unseen entity. They've reported cold spots and objects moving on their own in the bar. Those in the know claim the spook is none other than former bar owner Frank Giff, who died there after falling off a bar stool.

EVERGREEN CEMETERY is the final resting place of a young girl with, ahem, a wandering spirit.Recent stories have her hitching rides in west Chicago and event trying to board a bus. The driver claims she vanished into thin air when he approached her about paying for her ride.

And if one ghost per cemetery isn't enough, visit GRACELAND CEMETERY, which is said to be home to myriad spirits. Grave markers are said to move and shed tears. A green-eyed ghoul howls at the moon, and a statue covered by a protective glass case disappears, especially during thunderstorms.

The landmark HULL HOUSE is said to once have been home to a "devil baby," born to a devout Italian woman and her athiest husband. The baby was rumored to have hooves, pointed ears, horns, scaly skin and a tail. It was brought to the house for shelter in 1913, but hundreds of people flocked to the house to get a glimpse of the little Devil. Today, reports still surface of a wild creature peering out of an attic window, as well as a ghostlike ectoplasmic mist on the stairs.

During renovations to the RED LION PUB, John Cordwell installed a stained-glass window over a stairway and opened a gateway to the unexplained. The window was erected as a memorial to Cordwell's father, and almost immediately Cordwell began feeling the presence of his father on the building's second story. Several other ghostly entities seem to have accompanied Cordwell's father to the pub, including a 20-year-old girl who died in the building. Women report being trapped in the ladies' room, and several ghosts are known to appear plain as life to patrons.

Unexplainable faces peer out from behind the foliage in ROBINSON WOODS, on East River Road and Lawrence Avenue, and even stranger voices and sounds have been recorded there. Some say the strange phenomena, sometimes including mystic lights, can be attributed to an Indian family headed by Alexander Robinson. It is said that Robinson, his wife and several other members of the family were murdered by tribe members who were jealous of their land.

*Special thanks to Mistodemeter for these stories.