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Ghost Stories Told...

This page will be a collection of ghost stories, real and unreal. If you have a ghost story to share, please e-mail it to Not all stories have to be frightening. There are good natured spirits out there, and I am willing to share the legends of all. So sit back, and enjoy the tales....

These are my personal experiences with the paranormal.

This happened to me when I was very young. Probably about five or six. My sister and I shared a bedroom, and I remember that my grandparents were staying with us for a few days. But that isn't important to what I have to tell...

One night that week, I was sleeping in my bed when something roused me. I felt a weight on me, like a body lying on mine. I pulled the covers down to see if it was my younger sister. When I looked up, I saw a child's face with a greenish glow. I tried to reason out that it was simply my sister annoying me once again, but looking closely, I realized that the face was indeed glowing and looking at me in curiosity. Well, naturally, this scared me very badly. I pulled the covers over my head hoping that it was just dream, but I felt that weight for quite sometime after. I must have eventually fallen asleep, because when I did open my eyes, there was daylight in the room and the weight was gone.

Now that I'm much older, I wonder if the child spirit had simply noticed that I was another child and became curious. I really don't know. There are several other occurrences from that house that I don't have a full accounting of. Many of them deal with Civil War soldiers. We believe that our neighborhood had been built on battle ground. No one's bothered to research it. And after all these years and having moved away, it's doubtful that anyone will.

This happened when I was about fifteen in the house that I am currently living. Still a long time ago. :)

One day, while we were each doing our own thing. Playing, reading, etc. The doorbell rang. We went to answer it, but no one was there. Figuring that it was just a glitch, we ignored it.
The next day, it happened three times. My father looked at the doorbell and found nothing wrong with it.
Well, for the next week, the door bell would ring of it’s own accord, many times repeatedly. It would happen at any time, day or night.
One day, while my father was at work, my sisters and I were playing music. The doorbell began to ring almost insistently. We turned up our music so that we wouldn’t hear it. Well, the ringing became louder each time we turned the music up. Eventually, we had to turn the music off all together, because we simply couldn’t enjoy it with all the ringing. The ringing quieted and slowed down after we did that. It was almost as if it were competing with the music.
That night, my father took a piece out of the door bell and we never heard it with out someone pushing the button again. He couldn’t see the actual cause of it. When he opened the box for the door bell, it wouldn’t ring with out pushing the button.

Some how, a mischievous spirit had gotten in there. Though, it was very frightening to be woken in the middle of the night by the bell, no harm was done. We don’t know how taking out a piece of it stopped it, but thankfully, it did

~Becky Heebsh

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