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Amatuer Art Gallery

Welcome to the gallery for those of us without much recognition. This is my amatuer art gallery. Here you will find the works of a few humble artists who simply wish to share their gifts. Please have a look around.

* indicates recent works.

~The works of Rebecca Heebsh~

Magic Cat (also known as Mistoline)
Sionell on the Mountain
Tree with shield and sword
Dragon Globe
Elven Mother
Dragon Tapestry
Lover's Departure
Sailor Tigger

~The works of Pablo Romero~
(Maus MerryJest)

Images of Heaven

~The works of Petra Lichtenecker~

Luna(from Sailor Moon)
Feline of Color
Sailor Moon holding Tigger

~The works of Rebecca Herber~
(Vicky-Demeter Cat)


~The works of Bluebell~
(Blue Bell)

Self Portrait
Sailor Chibi Moon

~The works of Nancy Shealy~
(Cynical Cat/Andromeda)

Tigger and Pooh
Characters from Sailor Moon (Pluto, Neo Queen Serenity, and Mercury)

~The works of Brianna Traquair~
(Misty Kat)

A.J. McLean
Kevin Richardson
Brian Littrell
Nick Carter

~The works of Alana O'Dowd~

Moonlight Serenade
Sailor Moon with Roses

~The works of Emily Mercer~

Consistantly Inconsistant

~The works of Lauren Spinnenweber~
(Munkustrap Kitty)

Sailor Tiggertailz

~The works of Mary Schneider~

Moonlit Woods

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